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Most of you know who he is. Yeah, the most successful Educational Kingmaker, ex-politician, ex-actor, etc etc etc.
There are so many valuable significant achievements of his in politics, industries, etc… (I never knew that he is the person who registered AIADMK’s party form for the 1st time when the party was formed…!!!)
Anyway that can be known even thro Wiki….

Presently owning a number of Engineering colleges and Management institutes alongwith a number of industries, one knows that he is a good Enterpreneur, of course. One also knows the huge amount of donations (in the name of capitation fees, etc) that is being paid by people illegally (including Politicians, Govt officials and Police officers who are supposed to stop it) in the process of admissions. And also the strictness and strong rules of his colleges makes his students dislike him mentally, eventhough they like him for his dynamic attitude and will power.
But there is something above everything else that made all my dislike towatrds him fly away…
OCCASSION: College Day in my college, happened sometime in last april.
Many people are employed in the Mess halls of our college for serving the food. Some of them came to the auditorium to catch a glimpse of the special programmes going on. (Most of them were around a college-goer’s age, some where even less)
Of course they didn’t sit in the chairs; they knew they would be caught on doing so. So I had this one guy standing besides me, even after I offered him a seat. He was 21 then. As the events where going on, we had small chats in the middle during some boring plays.
As I mentioned about our mentality which has a slight dislike for Jeppiaar, when some topic led to him, I said that he takes so much of donations and all, so much of business with it… The guy looked at me sharply eventhough we were spoaking with fun for so long and asked me, "Thala-a pathi mattum edhuvum solladhenga"  (meaning "Don’t say anything about our head Jeppiaar")
I was shocked and surprised asking him for reasons. He just said one small matter. He was born in a poor family in a southern district and had no education and was suffering without any money, morals, nothing. It was this Jeppiaar who gave him a job in this mess hall, a place to live (Mess hall workers have place to stay with TV, fans, other amneties) and food to eat alongwith a salary to send to my mother in village.

I take back all my dislikes and wrongsayings about Dr.Jeppiaar. I know even some bad things might exist in him and there are few people who don’t sell education. But I couldn’t find this helping quality in them. I couldn’t find any person who had his employee (that too of such a low cadre, a server in mess hall) praising him, worshipping him next to God.
::~:: DISCLAIMER ::~::
The Person stated above may have commited big time crimes or anything hurting soomeone. It’s just the above-mentioned quality that I found catchy and inspiring. It’s just my view.


October 13, 2008 - Posted by | Inspirations

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